Hamburg Süd has a large fleet of modern integrated reefer containers (reefers) with cooling facilities built into the container. They come in 20' and 40' sizes and are available on all our trade routes. The integrated container is especially suitable for door-to-door transport. Only electrical power is required.

Air circulation

Internal air circulation is essential for maintaining prescribed temperatures in reefer containers. Cold air is constantly circulated through the cargo space to dissipate transmitted heat.

Cold air flows through and around the goods in the container. This air is blown in at the bottom of the refrigeration unit through the gratings in the ducted floor and then drawn off again below the container ceiling. The circulating fans then force the air through the air cooler, which also acts as the evaporator in the cold circuit, and back through the gratings into the cargo. The most common form of ducted floor is known as a T-bar floor (T-floor), taking its name from the T-shaped cross-section of aluminium extrusions that form the floor ...more (PDF, 724 KB)