How to transmit VGM

How can you send us VGM information?

For all parties involved, the simplest solution for the transmission of VGM data is via industry-standard VERMAS messages. Below you’ll find all possible channels listed:

1. VGM data via VERMAS EDI
One solution for an automated transmission of VGM information is the new EDIFACT message VERMAS. This standard message type released by the SMDG allows submitting the VGM data in a separate EDI message and uniform manner so that you will only have to set up and define the message once (ideally no adjustments required for different carriers).

Another advantage of VERMAS messages is that they can be submitted separately from Bookings (possibly too early) or Shipping Instructions (possibly too late) via EDI. We are able to receive VERMAS messages via partner portals like INTTRA, GTnexus, DBH, CargoSmart and Dakosy.

Mandatory information to be submitted:
Booking number
Container number
Verified weight
Unit of measurement
Authorized person

2. VGM data via our e-Portal tool
If an implementation of the VERMAS message is not possible or undesired by the shipper, we offer a simple and easy-to-use tool on our e-portal, which supports the manual input of VGM information (including the possibility of uploading CSV files).

VGM ePortal:

Preview of the VGM ePortal

3. VGM data via booking or shipping instructions

We will be able to receive VGM Data via partner portals supporting the following
standard messages:

  • Booking (EDIFACT IFTMBF, ANSI X12 300)
  • Shipping instructions (EDIFACT IFTMIN, ANSI X12 304)

The Hamburg Süd systems will run plausibility checks on the transmitted gross weights. Weights that are below the tare weight or above the maximum container gross weight cannot be accepted. This should detect some typing errors or other mistakes.

Hamburg Süd will inform you of its dedicated VGM cut-off dates with the booking confirmations. The VGM cut-off dates may vary from region to region.

The shipper* is the shipper listed in the carrier’s bill of lading or the party entering into the contract of carriage with Hamburg Süd