Information for the shipper*

SOLAS will go into effect on July 1, 2016. SOLAS does not differentiate between transshipment and export cargo. Although some nations may not enforce the new regulation for transshipment containers starting on July 1, the carrier will still be prohibited to load the container on board of the SOLAS vessel without a valid VGM.
The transshipment hubs will not be in a position to determine the VGM for every transshipment container. Therefore, the shipper should be aware of the fact that the VGM should be determined in advance for transshipments starting on July 1. Please note that Hamburg Süd can receive VGM data starting on June 1.

Responsibility of VGM transmission
The new VGM regulation means huge efforts on both sides. The responsibility of obtaining and transmitting the VGM lies with the shipper – whereby the shipper is the shipper listed in the carrier’s bill of lading. To support our customers as best as possible, we are making the transmission of the VGM an easy and convenient step. At the same time, the shipper must keep the following points in mind:

  • If the shipper delegates the responsibility of obtaining the VGM to a third party, the shipper will remain responsible for the VGM.
  • The shipper will be liable for any costs incurred due to a missing VGM.
  • If no VGM is transmitted, the container will be prohibited from being loaded onto the vessel.

To make the process of transferring the VGM to us as convenient as possible, Hamburg Süd is leveraging dedicated VGM cut-off dates, error notifications, alarm processes, and e-mail notifications for its customers. The possibility to send any notification requires that the booking party has transmitted correct addresses.

Alarm processes
Alarm processes are designed to remind the shipper of a missing VGM. In sufficient time prior to the VGM cut-off date, our systems detect containers without a VGM. This helps you to ensure that no container is left behind.

Cut offs
VGM cut off dates set a deadline for the shipper to transmit the VGM. The cut-off dates vary from terminal to terminal due to different cargo cut-off dates by the terminals. Hamburg Süd sets the VGM cut off date as close as possible to the loading date of the container. The cut off information can be found below.
Hamburg Süd will inform you of its dedicated VGM cut off dates with the booking confirmations. The VGM cut off dates may vary from region to region.

Customer notifications
Customer e-mail notifications are designed to let the customer know if the transmitted VGM has been accepted. Informed are the booking forwarder, the booking shipper and/or B/L shipper.

The Hamburg Süd systems will run plausibility checks on the transmitted gross weights. Weights that are below the tare weight or above the maximum container gross weight cannot be accepted. This should detect typing errors or other mistakes.

Hamburg Süd will inform you of its dedicated VGM cut-off dates with the booking confirmations. The VGM cut-off dates may vary from region to region.

We encourage all customers to contact the regional offices to clarify any questions and for further information.

The shipper* is the shipper listed in the carrier’s bill of lading or the party entering into the contract of carriage with Hamburg Süd